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We are calling for entries to our international design #contest that offers winning designers a chance to have worldwide recognition by including a design in our new digital magazine. The theme is "What Inspires You?" - we encourage digital design, graphic design, digital illustration, digital art, and everything else digitally inspirational #competition #inspiration
Contest | Airwalk Design Call For Entries 2013
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Airwalk Design: Call For Entries

We love hearing about what inspires you. Sometimes, we love it so much that we want to write a book about it! So that's what we're doing. The book will be about creativity and inspiration, your creativity and your inspiration. We want to know what influences your work. Is it your culture? The things that you see around you everyday? Maybe it's the things in your mind. But, what puts them in your mind? Is it books? Or movies? Is it a person? We want to know about your dreams and your nightmares, the places you go and the people you meet, and most importantly, the creative designs that are derived from these experiences. The deadline for this is TBA.

Inspirations must be related to one of the following categories: Digital Illustration, Graphic Design, Typography, Photography, or any other type of 2D digital media. You can submit an unlimited amount of inspirations. The deadline is to be announced, and there is no entry fee. The artwork does not have to belong to you (meaning that you can nominate another designer). Click the key icon in the top-right corner to sign up and begin uploading your designs.

Submission Guidelines

If the artwork does not belong to you, you must be able to credit the designer with a name and URL in the description, and also explain why this designers' work inspires you. The designer reserves the right to have his or her work removed upon request. If the artwork does belong to you, you should explain what inspired you to create the work (again, in the description). Your account may be deleted if you do not obey these rules.


We approve inspirations based on many different factors. The most important factor is the amount of 'loves' that it receives from other members, however, we may reject an inspiration if it has a weak description or not enough comments. In shorter terms, we are the judges, but the opinion of others is a major influence in the eventual decisions.


We reserve the right to reject an entry if it does not adhere to our submission guidelines. An inspiration can be rejected, even deleted (without notification) for the following reasons: 1. The artist requested that it be removed, 2. We found the inspiration offensive or inappropriate, 3. We've already published something of yours and we want to give other designers a chance, or 4. The high-res version was much too small.


We will choose 200 of the best designs to be published into our eBook. This book will be distributed worldwide to various eBook outlets such as Barnes & Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle eBooks, Apple iBooks, MagCloud and the Lulu Marketplace; giving each successful entrant a wonderful chance to showcase their work to the entire world. We will ask the top 20 successful entrants to take part in a published interview. Each successful entrant will be hailed as a contest winner on our website. Good luck!


We encourage diversity, and therefore invite entrants from all corners of the world, and of any age. This includes students, children and amateur designers. The sky's the limit! We believe that inspiration is within us all.