Photoshop CS6: Fleuron Text Effect

In this tutorial, we'll be using Adobe Photoshop CS6 to design a text effect using fleurons. Fleurons are elegant floral ornaments often seen in vintage wallpaper designs. We'll be starting with a simple Arial font. The reasoning for this is that fleurons are extravagent and complex in style, and a fancy font will overdo it. Let's begin, shall we? Start by Filling the background #333 Dark Grey. Then, add an Inner Shadow from Layer » Layer Style with 100% Opacity, 0px Distance, 10% Choke and 250px Size. Also, Add Noise from Filter » Noise with 1% Amount, Guassian Distrubution and Monochromatic tones.Photoshop tutorial step 1 | adding the basic layers for an embossed effect

Fleurons & Emboss Effect

With the Text Tool, type out your text in Arial. Rasterize the layer with Right-Click » Rasterize and brush the ornamental fleurons elegantly around the text. The fleuron brush set is completely up to you. Then, add a White Colour Overlay from the Layer Style menu; make sure the Blending Mode is Soft Light and the Opacity is 15%. Finally, add a Bevel & Emboss with 0px Size, 0px Soften and 50% White/Black Opacity. The Angle is up to you. Finally, Duplicate (CTRL + J) the layer and remove all layer styles but the Bevel & Emboss. Now we're done! Try experimenting with different layer styles.Photoshop tutorial step 2 | beautifying with a floral fleuron design

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